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This .pdf describes setting up the static IP address and configuring the ATC-1000 Ethernet adapter. Used for our Ethernet input displays.
This document provides the download and customer installation instructions to add a USB to RS422 data device to a PC or laptop. This device is to be used to program our time zone displays with digital locations. Here is a link to the website the inform...
Drivers for the ED2150 USB to RS232 communication device. Zip File
ED3150 Serial to USB Communication Device Manual. USED FOR WINDOWS 10. Used to update time and locations on time zone displays.
This contains PDF with instructions to program and update ED3600 gateway device for EDV111 products. Also attached is the network configuration instructions for customer use to edit IP address and related settings.
The latest software (zip file) for the EDV111 industrial line of message displays. Ver: LMOS 2.01.21
Download MessagePro Version 3.0 (zip folder). The latest version to communicate to our message signs and to program our 115 rate counters. 
A .pdf manual for our standard seven segment models. Including: TIMERS - Models 102 / 103 / 104 COUNTERS - Models 109 / 110 RS232 INPUT - 111 RS485 INPUT - 117 ANALOG TO DIGITAL - 105 TIME OF DAY CLOCKS - 101
Download this .pdf manual for all of our numeric displays including timers, counters, serial, analog to digital and BCD models.
Software zip file for EDV-CS time source device.
PDF for Time Zone Remote Operation
Full Color PC software (Version 1.04) download and customer documentation for our full color time zone displays. Digital (changeable) locations and time. EXAMPLE: MODEL NUMBER 4-2-H-A-C                        
Time Zone Software V6.6 download
Updated Ethernet Adaptor (P/N ED2150) documentation.    ATC-1200 Single Port RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet Converter  The ATC-1200 is a cost effective and highly integrated Serial-to-Ethernet Converter. Embedding a 8-bit pipelined RISC, single cycle per in...
Version 1.03 Software for Monochrome and Full Color Time Zone Displays
This .pdf shows the serial to USB communication device (EDV3150) that allows communication from a PC / laptop to a digital time zone display using Windows 10.
Attached is Allen Bradly documentation for Electronic Displays products The Tutorial Videos are located > HERE < [1] Links: ------ [1]
Custom software for Amico
Attached is the Analog to Digital converter (model 105) 'advanced' software version.
NOTE: The EDV111 industrial message sign is configured for the size ordered before shipping. This document shows how to change the size of the display through the WZP PC software. The latest WZP Sign Software is LMOS 2.01.20. 
When a new message is displayed on the EDV111 series, a "beep" signal is activated. This document shows how to disable the audio feature. 
ED050-I-2011-N1-BCD-SR1 Caterpillar Documentation
Attached is the product manual and software for the ED100-3C-2011-N1-SR2. * Product description is in the CUSTOMER DOCUMENTATION.PDF * TRICOLOR.EXE is the software used to program the display. See TRI-COLOR SCROLLING MANUAL.PDF for instructions on u...
Software and customer documentation for ED106-TZA-XF-N1-SR2
Product Manual for the ED106-TZA-xF-N1/N12 Software for the display is the TZA 1.0 []
Attached is the manual for Electronic Displays Inc. standard up timer MODEL 102.
Attached is the manual for Electronic Displays Inc. standard up timer MODEL 103.
Attached is the manual for Electronic Displays Inc. standard up timer MODEL 104.
Display manual for the ED206/ED406 - TZA - xF - N1 Software for the display is Perfect Time Transmit []
Attached is a Walkthrough on how to set a static IP for a windows XP/Windows 7 computer and how to configure the ED2150 / ATC-1000 serial-to-Ethernet adaptor. Be sure to have the correct Baud rate and Serial type (RS232, or RS485/422) for your displ...
ED3600 Network Manager Software for Allen Bradley PLC's
Attached is software to set the values on the 'EDV' model Production Scoreboard, such as the EDV225MQC-3L-N1-IR []. Extract and execture 'Setup.exe' in the .zip fil...
Attached is the manual for the EDV-300 Indoor safety Day Counter Display
The attachment contains the sign info, protocol documents and software for the EDV111-IND-A2. UPDATE (10/02/2012): Several manuals updated and added, in addition to the software for help with ASCII code. The software is located within the zip fil...
WZP firmware & MSC fonts upgrade to V2.01.19  for EDV111 IND A4 signs  
Software for the EDV206 / EDV406 - TZA - A/N - N1/N12 Software for this display is Time Zone Module Version 4 [] or Time Zone Module Version 6 [http://edisupport.helps...
Attached is the product Manual for the EDV225MPC-2L-N1-VT []
Attached is the software for EDZ message displays.   Extract the attachment below and execute the 'Setup.exe' to install the software
This is the ASCII protocol for the EDZ111 series of message signs.
This .zip file includes software to control EDI's scrolling / moving message displays using Excel polling software.
Attached is the software to configure the Network IP address for an EZ AUTOMATION PLC.
IP Setup Utility - This program provides the ability to change an IP address on our Ethernet devices.  - iputil.exe
ATTACHMENTS:  * MESSAGE PRO 2.50 SETUP.ZIP Contains the setup.exe for MessagePro * MESSAGE PRO 2.50 PORTABLE.ZIP Contains the install folder for message pro. Extract WECC.exe to run MessagePro
Attached files: * MessagePro * MessagePro 2.6.2 * MessagePro manual.pdf Note: * MessagePro 2.6.2 is the install folder of MessagePro. If any issues occur when installing from the setup.exe file located in M...
Custom software for the METOKOTE COMPANY. This .zip folder contains software for an ED400MPC-6L-N1 production scoreboard.
This zip file contains sample AOIs to get started programming our EDV111 message signs with an A/B PLC. It also contains documentation. 
Scoreboard Pro (SPRO) Version 1.25 - RHEEM
Scoreboard Software - SPRO 2.0
The latest version of Scoreboard Pro (SPRO 2.2) adds the ability to save breaks.
Attached is the EDV111 Siemens (Profinet) configuration files, and documentation. 
Software download for Tyson Foods. 
SPRO PC Software Version 1.26 (updated 11/4/20). 
Latest version of SPRO - production software. Version 1.26 Published 9/7/16
Attached is the software and manual for the SRX Outdoor Monochrone Displays []
Program to test the FULL / OPEN application.
Time Zone Display Manual - All models
***NOTE*** - ONLY USE THIS VERSION WHEN YOU WANT THE PAGING FUNCTION (I.E. ROTATE THROUGH SEVERAL TIMES AND LOCATION). Software for EDV time zone displays with digital time and digital locations.
TZA 1.0 Software for configuring ED106-TZA-XF-N1/N12
This update software for all EDV multi-line message displays allows for communication for multiple IP addresses. UPDATED ON 8/18/2011.
Software to send messages to the EDV111-IND industrial line of message signs. 
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